Unsolicited Testimonials

    Alan from Cleveland, OH writes:
    There was a temporary stand in a shopping center where I bought two bags of your peanuts. DEEEE-LISH! Especially the garlic. I NEED GARLIC PEANUTS.

    David from North Mississippi writes:
    Found your peanuts on my way back from Tennessee in Tuscaloosa, ALA at a quick stop. First time I had seen them and picked up a bag, best darn peanuts I've eaten and I am 55.

    Gina from Fayetteville, TN writes:
    I have been on earth for 40 years and have never been as happy as when I crunched on my first peanut with the shell on. I turned around and went back and purchased 2 more bags. My husband ate a whole bag for dinner. He is going to order a case today.

    Mike from Tampa, FL writes:
    I have a genuine love for your product. The place I get them from, a Marathon Gas Station on W. Kennedy Blvd, usually gets them in on Monday, and they've been disappearing faster and faster over the past few weeks.

    Larry from Chattanooga writes:
    I managed to acquire a bag of cajun peanuts and gave them to a salesman where I was purchasing a vehicle. After trying the peanuts, he reduced the price by 400 dollars. I think it was the peanuts talking that got me the good deal.

    Eliza e-mailed: