Frequently Asked Questions
  • Not all of these are really frequently asked questions. However, these are the questions that we wanted to answer. If you have other, legitimate questions, you can e-mail us at

    Are peanuts a fruit or a vegetable?
    (Where did you go to school?) Neither. Peanuts belong to the Goober family, sometimes referred to as legumes.

    Do I have to eat the shell n all, like the bag says?
    No, there's no requirement to eat the shell. However, it is highly encouraged because that's where a lot of the flavor resides.  If you don't eat the shell, you gotta at least lick it.

    Why are your nuts so small?
    (Really?) Actually, the variety of peanuts we use allows the frying process to render the shell crispy and edible. The red skinned kernel, though small, is sweeter than other varieties, which is one of the reasons we use them.

    Can I order single bags rather than a whole case?
    Yes, we have updated the online ordering so you can order a single bag if you would like. However, Uncle Bud will pay the shipping on orders of $40.00 or more. They are good for 10 months. Just click on the order here button.

    What flavors do you have?
    We have Salted, which is, well, salted; Cajun, which has a distinct and flavorful Cajun flavor; Garlic, which leaves a long lasting and impressive garlic taste in your mouth. If you're a fan of garlic, you gotta try these.  They're Uncle Bud's personal favorite. And for those you who like it hot, there's Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Hot peanuts. Our Hot deep fried peanuts start out warm, get hot and remain so for the duration, with a dash of habanero for that after-burner effect. Please be advised to keep copious amounts of your favorite beverage on hand to periodically extinguish any remaining taste buds. Old Bay is a recent flavor addition and available for purchase here.  New flavors in stores now and available here soon are: Bacon BBQ, Garlic Sriracha, and Sea Salt & Vinegar.